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Malvasia 'Vigna 80 Years' I Clivi 2020

VENDOR: i clivi


Malvasia "Vigna 80 Anni", produced by the Friulian winery I Clivi, is a white with great personality and aromatic intensity, produced by old vines of Malvasia Istriana which produce grapes of excellent quality. This particular Istrian clone, of one of the oldest vines in the Mediterranean, is less aromatic and with a fresher and more sapid character than the classic Malvasia di Candia grown in other areas of Italy. It is a typically territorial wine, which brings to the fore the mineral character of the soils of this small corner of Friuli, characterized by the famous ponca. Solar and Mediterranean, it is a white with pleasantly rich aromas, which give the emotion of an unforgettable sip.

The "Vigna 80 Anni" is one of the most famous wines of the I Clivi winery. The estate covers a total of a dozen hectares, divided into two parcels: one is located in the Collio at Brazzano di Cormons and the other in the Colli Orientali at Corno di Rosazzo. The vines are cultivated in a hilly area, at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level and can enjoy optimal conditions for viticulture. The cool and sunny weather it is almost Mediterranean in style and the soils made up of flysch are draining and rich in precious mineral substances for the subsistence of the vine. If we add to this the age of the vines, which are over 80 years old, we understand that we are dealing with a true excellence of the territory. One of those white wines with a strong character and a decisive personality.

The Malvasia wine "Vigna 80 Anni" produced by I Clivi is a label that represents the excellence of Friulian whites, which have always been famous for their intensity, aromatic richness and longevity. The grapes are pressed in whole bunches and the must, after a static settling, ferments spontaneously in steel tanks with the indigenous yeasts. Before bottling, the wine rests for 12 months in steel tanks on the fine lees. In the glass it has a bright straw yellow color. The nose opens on aromas of wild flowers, chamomile, aromas of citrus fruits, yellow fruit and mineral sensations. The sip is dynamic, aromatically deep and accompanied by a clear mineral vein, which leads to a sapid and very fresh finish.

Color Bright straw yellow

Scent Rich and aromatic, with notes of citrus fruits, yellow fruit, chamomile and light mineral hints

Taste Elegant, fresh and slender, with a pronounced minerality, almost saline

Malvasia 'Vigna 80 Years' I Clivi 2020

Malvasia 'Vigna 80 Years' I Clivi 2020