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Chianti 'Castiglioni' Frescobaldi 2020

VENDOR: Frescobaldi


The Chianti "Castiglioni" from the Frescobaldi winery is a wine light and delicate red produced in the Castiglioni Estate, on the rolling hills of Val Pesa southwest of Florence. The pedoclimatic characteristics of this area, which enjoys a warm and dry microclimate, with afternoon breezes arriving from the Tyrrhenian Sea, refreshing and aerating the bunches, make this wine soft, pleasantly fruity and with a well-defined character. The "Castiglioni" is obtained from a blend of Sangiovese grapes, mainly, and Merlot from vineyards of different ages bred with great attention to the territory and quality. The cellar, with more than 700 years of history, is one of the most important wineries not only in Tuscany but in the whole world, having represented for centuries the point of reference on the tables of royal families and high ecclesiastical offices. Marchesi de' Frescobaldi today consists of 1200 hectares of property, divided into various estates and ancient castles, all dedicated to excellent production.

Frescobaldi's "Castiglioni" Chianti is obtained from grapes harvested towards the end of September. The bunches, once destemmed and pressed, are fermented separately, based on the vine of origin, in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature with maceration on the skins for about 11 days. Immediately after the alcoholic fermentation, the malolactic fermentation takes place, after which we proceed with the racking and the relative refinement. The wine remains to refine in separate stainless steel containers, with micro-oxygenation, until the moment of the blend, after which it is bottled and remains to mature for another month before being put on the market.

Chianti "Castiglioni" has an intense ruby ​​red color with purple hues, a symptom of youth. Aromas of red fruit appear on the nose, including morello cherry and wild strawberry, floral notes of violet and Mediterranean herbs. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, clear with a good fruity persistence. A pleasant red, jovial and suitable for daily consumption .

Color Bright ruby ​​red and purplish

Scent Fruity and immediate, of fresh cherries, small red fruits, Mediterranean herbs and red flowers

Taste Smooth, fresh, fruity, clean, delicate and harmonious

Chianti 'Castiglioni' Frescobaldi 2020

Chianti 'Castiglioni' Frescobaldi 2020